A012. Course on Cyber Crime Investigation

Investigation of cyber crime cases is a complex process requiring specialized skills in so far as it involves appreciation of computers and networking technologies, terminologies and their inter-linkages with real-world phenomena. With exponential increase in Cyber Offenses, the investigation of Cyber Crime can no longer remain within the domain of specialized units such as Cyber Cells of EOW, Crime Branch and Special Cell. The District Police i.e. the Police Stations, who form the mainstay of criminal investigation, have to equip themselves and develop capacities to undertake effective investigation of cyber offenses. Only through these efforts can the police force of this burgeoning metropolis handle the increasing numbers of online cases of crime. Training of Police Station Investigating Offers is the most critical requirement for attaining this objective. To achieve this, the Cyber Cell of EOW, has prepared this Training Manual for imparting standardized training to all Police Station Investigating Offers.