A019. Course on Human Rights & Policing

REFRESHER Course, as its title suggests, aims to impart to the participants a general idea of the principal aspects of human rights and duties in a broad sweep. The aspects addressed include the values of human rights and duties, philosophical and historical foundations, basic international human rights norms, the normative and institutional mechanism of human rights and duties in India, policing and Indian societal problems. It has been realized about the importance of highlighting the need for internalizing Human Rights and Duties values. And, therefore, it is felt that it was necessary not only to sensitize the participants about Human Rights and Duties but also to ensure that  the values of Rights and Duties to make all endeavors to live up to those ideals. The duration of the course and the number of classes allocated to cover the course will determine how intensively/extensively the contents can impart light on these aspects of human rights and duties.